Apollo Bath

Advantage™ Spa Bathing System

The Apollo Advantage™ seated bathing system offers long-term care residents a dignified, safe and comfortable alternative to traditional bathing methods. This innovative system improves the bathing experience for residents and provides a variety of exclusive clinical and financial benefits. Designed to create the atmosphere of a luxury spa. Available in select panel colors to compliment your bathing suit.


A Therapeutic Spa Experience

Advantage™ features a highly advanced whirlpool water flow system that provides gentle, balanced, total-body hydromassage with deeper immersion for better relaxation. Its also the quietest system available, creating soothing relief from stress and anxiety.

  • Boost blood flow

  • Stimulate endorphin production

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Reduce inflammation and ease pain

  • Promote healing and reduce anxiety

  • Energize the mind, body and spirit

Safe, secure and comfortable.

One of the unique features of the Advantage is its front entry and exit with the industry’s most user-friendly door. Bathers enter the tub in a comfortable and secure chair, gliding into place without the disruption or danger of traditional lifts. The whirlpool provides a gentle motion that soothes and nurtures skin, while providing a therapeutic experience. And the internal thermometer monitors water temperature to ensure a comfortable bathing experience.

Improving quality of care.

Caregivers, staff, and your maintenance team immediately see the benefits in quality of care and ease of use of the Advantage™ spa bathing system. Its ergonomic design reduces bending and back strain, providing a comfortable place for caregivers to lean for support during the bath. Bathing routines will become safer and more efficient, leading to more baths per day. A win, win for the residents and staff!

Rapid Fill™ Reservoir

Provides maximum efficiency and resident comfort, quietly filling the bath from the bottom up in less than 60 seconds.

Level-Glide™ Transfer System

Safe, reliable and comfortable transfer system. Providing single-caregiver transfers of residents up to 400 pounds and with most physical limitations. Fewer transfers, fewer accidents.

Remedy® Ultraviolet Infection Control Water Purification

An FDA-recognized, germicidal water purification system for continuous infection control. A study by the Medical College of Pennsylvania shows the dramatic levels of bacteria that a bather brings to their own bath and proves the efficacy of UV purification at disinfecting the bathwater during the bath. Residents can self-infect during showering or bathing when water puts the bacteria on their bodies in motion and they can enter natural body openings, wounds, mucous membranes and be inhaled in water vapor. Apollo’s ultraviolet water purification has been clinically proven to reduce UTIs by 50% and Respiratory Infections by 35%. Saves time and money.

The Advantage™ Bathing System Comes Standard With:

  • Whirlpool or Air Spa

  • Integrated cleaning and disinfecting system flushes and cleans all air lines followed by an air purge to support a comprehensive disinfection protocol

  • Integrated body wash and shampoo dispenser

  • Extending shower wand

  • Easy access side panel for maintenance

  • Hydrostatic temperature control valve

  • Starter Spa Cleaning Kit

  • Set of replacement door seals

Download the Apollo Advantage™ brochure


ReGen™ Hydromassage Side Entry, Walk-In Bath System


  • Standard bathtub footprint: 59.6″ L × 30.1″ W × 40.5″ H
  • Low step threshold for easy access
  • Easy access maintenance panels
  • Quick drain feature
  • Medical grade gel coated fiberglass for long lasting lifetime warranty
  • Bacteria resistant, easy to clean
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all other parts
  • ADA compliant (Seat at 17″ minimum height)
  • Anti-slip foot zones
  • Easy to operate locking/unlocking door handle
  • Wide door designed to swing over ‘most’ toilet seats
  • Leveling legs lift compatible / adjust height of tub to accommodate lifts if needed. (note, changes 4″ threshold)
  • 16 Hydro massaging AIR X™ jets: 8 high air flow, 6 aerated and 2 low velocity/high waterflow

Download the ReGen™ Hydromassage brochure