Lift Accessories


The VanderClips are another example of the innovative clinical solutions offered by Vancare. They allow a caregiver the opportunity to use the power of a lift to assist in turning and repositioning patients. They can be used with existing linens, but their performance can be enhanced when combined with the WendyLett™ system. This product should be available to every caregiver that has to turn a patient.


2 Point Strap Sling Set

This sling set was developed for a VA Medical Center who requested a custom sling from Vancare. It is now available for anyone to purchase. The advantage of this sling set is that the patient can be lifted, then sat down on the lower strap, which will remain under them. The back strap can then be removed and re-applied when the patient is ready to be lifted again. It is not recommended for patients that have little upper body strength and low cognitive ability.

Ambulation Arms

The ambulation arms are used for supporting a patient that is wearing a Vancare ambulation sling. This gives the patient an added sense of security adding to more positive outcomes. The arms also serve the function of giving the caregiver added leverage to move and turn the lift when it is heavy and difficult to move. This will help to reduce back strains. One other function is to allow the patient to hold on to them during transport, which gives the patient added stability and a sense of security. The arms are available on all Vanderlift II series and the VanGo.

2 Point Hanger Assembly

The two point hanger assembly by Vancare is the solution for customers that are already using two point style slings, and is common with other manufactures. Vancare promotes the use of the 4 point hanger assembly for overall patient comfort.

4 Point Hanger Assembly

The 4 Point Hanger assembly by Vancare is standard on all full body lifts and fixed motor ceiling lifts. It has the safety latches to assure the sling strap will not come off after applying to the hook. When a patient is in the sling, it self-adjusts to the shoulder width of the patient, giving the most comfortable lift possible. This is especially important for bariatric patients.

Stretcher Frame Assembly

The Vancare stretcher provides a safe way to lift a patient in a supine position with little to no pressure on the shoulders and hips. It is applied under the patient by log rolling from side to side, or it can be applied without rolling, with the use of slide sheets. The stretcher sling can be ordered in various materials. The unit can be folded for easy transporting. Combined with a VanderScale, this unit can replace the need for a traditional stretcher style bed scale. The Vancare Stretcher is an available option on all Vanderlift models.

4 Point Clip Arm

The 4 Point Clip Arm uses the clip style slings commonly used by ARJO (a Swedish lift manufacturer). If a facility already has this manufacturer’s lifts in their facility, and like the slings; or simply don’t want to buy all new slings, then this arm may be a good solution. Vancare provides a clip style sling, which you can view in the sling section of our web site.


Built-In VanderScale

The built in VanderScale offers distinct advantages over the hanging scale. The hanging scale causes a loss of 4.5 inches of lifting height. This could be unacceptable if a bed doesn’t lower enough like many specialty beds, or if your facility is planning on using the lift for ambulation. It also puts the scale in easy reach and reading of the caregiver. This scale is available on the Vanderlift 450, Vanderlift 600, Vanderlift II B450, Vanderlift II B450S, Vanderlift II B600, Vera 350, Vera 600, Vera II B350, Vera II B350S, Vera II B450 and Vera II B600.