ReZcare Wireless Nurse Call System

ReZcare powered by EarlyResponse

Powerful, Wireless Technology for Assisted Care Facilities, Retirement Communities, and Hospitals

ReZcare is a wireless nurse call system utilizing a full compliment of wireless devices and interfaces with many existing systems. ReZcare is powered by EarlyResponse software, and offers nursing homes, assisted living, and retirement communities a powerful and affordable approach to integrating community-wide safety and security systems, with the ReZcare nurse call system.

Featuresrezcare wireless nurse call systems

  • UL Compliant Wireless Devices
  • Easy to Learn and Use
  • Customized for Facility’s Needs
  • Affordable

Complete Safety and Security System

ReZcare is a comprehensive communication system with unlimited capabilities for call for aid, activity monitoring, notifcation, and reporting.

Integrates with Existing Systems

ReZcare wireless nurse call system can be integrated with existing systems. The system provides enhanced notification and reporting such as:

  • Addressable fire alarm panels
  • HVAC alarms and events
  • Telephone systems
  • Wander/Elopement systems
  • Intrusion alarm systems
  • Intercoms
  • Access control systems

EarlyResponse Software Manages System

ReZcare is a computer-based system using EarlyResponse software for managing, and monitoring all wireless devices and integrated systems, 24/7. It also monitors motion and egress areas of the facility.

Alarm notifications are sent to wireless devices and the alarms, and events are permanently recorded. Reports of daily alarms and events can be easily generated, viewed on the monitor, or printed. ReZcare’s system generates reports for analyzing source of calls, and the response times.

Stores Patient/Resident Records

ReZcare’s system is capable of maintaining patient and resident records, including photographs, medical information, family contact information, and physician information. All patient information is password protected, and secure.

ReZcare Wireless Powered by EchoStream®

Advanced EchoStream® wireless technology insures the delivery of all “call for help” alarms, and that every wireless device is monitored for operational function and low battery. All EchoStream® wireless components are continuously supervised, and staff is notified if a problem is detected.

EchoStream® technology is the next generation in commercial grade wireless from industry leader, Inovonics Wireless. Inovonics has over 20 years of experience applying frequency hopping, spread spectrum, 900 MHz technology, to create a premier wireless platform. This powerful, yet affordable technology embodies the most recent advances in radio frequency for the ReZcare system components.