Infant Security SystemsSecure Care Infant Protection

The KinderGUARD® infant security system by Secure Care can help safeguard against devastating events.  KinderGUARD® provides assistance by acting as a personal security guard for each infant and child wearing a transmitter.

KinderGuard infant protection panel

 Automatic Enrollment

When a transmitter is applied to a child it automatically becomes active in the system, offering instant protection.

Total Supervision

Transmitters are active and “report in ” every 7-10 seconds.


Our transmitters are small, lightweight, hypoallergenic and easy to clean for reuse.


KinderGUARD® straps feature cutband technology that will alert staff members if someone cuts, breaks, or tampers with a strap.

Baby & Child-Friendly

The adjustable strap is soft and comfortable against a child’s delicate skin.

Mother/Baby Matching

Wireless MatchMAKER® ID provides immediate and discreet mother-baby match verification outside of the mother’s room.  No additional transmitters are required.


Robust & Reliable Security

KinderGUARD® is not computer controlled or dependent.  The system continues to provide protection in the event of a computer system failure even during a power outage.