Intended Use

EasyBeltEasyBelt and FlexiBelt are used for sitting transfers or for supporting a patient when standing and walking and are considered far more supportive than a gait belt. It has strong vertical and horizontal handles to provide the best possible grip in different situations. The belt, which can also be placed round the caretaker’s waist or hip, provides a place for the patient to grip during a transfer thereby avoiding grabbing the caretaker.


EasyBelt is made of moisture- and soiling-resistant nylon while the FlexiBelt has a gentler, more comfortable polyester surface against the body.

Quick Reference

Item No. Product Size Waist Size Handles
6012 EasyBelt XS X-Small 45-70cm 5
6013 Easybelt S Small 60-100cm 7
6014 EasyBelt M Medium 70-120cm 9
6015 EasyBelt L Large 100-160cm 11
6023 FlexiBelt S Small 60-100cm 7
6024 FlexiBelt M Medium 70-120cm 9
6025 FlexiBelt L Large 100-160cm 11
6026 FlexiBelt XL X-Large 115-175cm 13