Repositioning Aids

One Way Slide Cushion

McAuley MedicalIntended Use

One Way Slide Cushion is used to change or improve sitting positions in chairs or wheelchairs.


repositioning aides - one way slide cushionOne Way Slide Cushion slides back but not forward movement, making it easy to re-position a patient into a more comfortable position in their chair. It has robust draw straps, which make it easy for caregivers to help patients into more comfortable positions in chairs. Soft padded surface and is very comfortable to sit on.

  • Slides back but NOT forward
  • Maintains safe, secure posture
  • Prevents fall-related injury
  • Clearly labelled for proper orientation
  • Soft, comfortable breathable/wickable
    material; tubular design
  • Can be used in car, chair or bed

Part #4060 18″ x 16″


slide sheets for repositoning

Slide Sheets – for lateral transfer & repositioning

  • Can be laundered
  • Low friction nylon
  • Tubular design
Large (shown right)
Part #8180    39″ x 47″
Part #8100      28″ x 28″