VANCAREAmputee Sling

The amputee sling can be used to transfer patients who have unilateral or bilateral above the knee amputations and patients with intact lower extremities who have loose muscle tone and are at risk of sliding through the small space at the horseshoe area of the UNI-FIT sling.

Amputee slingMaterial

Amputee slings are available in your choice of “standard” cloth polyester, “H” cloth, which is high-heat polyester that withstands temperatures up to 200°. “Mesh” a polyester material (for bathing). You may also choose “C” cloth a cool-heat polyester that withstands temperatures up to 167° and has a non-absorbent coating on one side for easy spot cleaning. All slings and belts are also available in a disposable material to help with infection control and cross contamination issues. There are many different custom options available. Please contact LifeCare Associates to discuss your concerns and available options.


The amputee sling should be long enough to fit from behind the knees (if the amputation(s) are below the knee), or from the bottom of the longest stump (if amputations are above the knee), to the top of the patient’s head.

Size Length x Width (inches)
Small 34 x 35
Medium 37 x 36
Large 41 x 40
X-Large 43 x 46

Measurements are from the top of the head support to the bottom of the sling.