Intended Use

RollerslideRollerSlide is used for lying transfers between a bed and x-ray or operating tables, shower trolleys, ambulance stretchers (or similar transfers).


RollerSlide consists of a flexible synthetic board and a slide cover that is made from our special ultra low friction (ULF) sliding material. It bridges gaps of 20 cm and can take a weight of 120 kilos. Disposable protective covers of environmentally friendly, degradable polyethylene are available for RollerSlide.

Quick Reference

Item No. Product Size
9136 Slide cover for 9145 and 9148 176x52cm
9138 Disposable cover for 9145 and 9148
9145 RollerSlide 170x50cm
9148 RollerSlide Flexi 170x50cm
9155 RollerSlide 85x50cm
9156 Slide cover for 9155 and 9158
9158 RollerSlide Flexi 85x50cm